Hot Congress brings the color to the party

This week was possibly one of the most difficult weeks we've ever had choosing a flier of the week. There were a few really noteworthy, awesome fliers out there, but it was this Hot Congress Label Night one that really left a lasting impression.

Stuart Confer's flier does everything we want a flier to do: It captures our attention immediately with a big, striking design, and it has readable information that conveys the necessary information quickly and effectively. We're also fans of the picture itself, which seems to be a weird homage to classic psychedelic rock posters while being updated to the 21st century accordingly.

That update creates a kind of trippy 3D effect too, which may have caused us to stare into the circular design for upwards of twenty minutes at one point during the day. What we discovered after doing this was a strange land where rock and roll caused magical fairies to burst out of tree trunks and sing songs about dragons. That may or may not be the case for you, but we definitely recommend giving the flier a good hard stare on your computer screen.

As for the show itself, it's a big deal to be playing the Fox Theatre no matter who are, so a showcase like this one is, well, deserving of an awesome flier. It's nice to see they upped the ante and delivered.

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