Hottest one yet! 2012 Westword Music Showcase attracts even more fans this year

Holy Moses! It's no stretch to say that yesterday was the hottest day of the summer. Literally. Not only did the late news reports back this up, but we're pretty sure if you ask anyone in the sea of people who attended the eighteenth annual Westword Music Showcase, they'll co-sign this claim -- well, that is, after they rehydrate, and assuming they can stand upright and their legs aren't all wobbly from all the dancing last night during Girl Talk's massive Showcase-closing dance party blowout.

As always, there were no shortage of memorable moments. While we doubt there were any babies made yesterday (this isn't the original Woodstock), we know for sure there was at least one marriage proposal coming from Concept One to his lovely lady during American Trash Republic's set at City Hall Amphitheatre. And if the weather was hot, the music was hotter. That's the early word from Backbeat's army of wordsmiths, who hosted most of the stages yesterday. We'll have a batch of their travelogues later along with truckloads more photos from our resident shutterbugs. In the meantime, page down to see a few highlights from Showcase, including a few Instagram photos from you.

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