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I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons is ostensibly edgy because it has an obscure-sounding genre tag: chiptunes. Really, it's not even that. Chiptunes would be all-eight-bit music, which, if annoying, is at least a challenge. This is just the first HelloGoodbye album, but with NES controllers instead of (or, really, in addition to) a synthesizer. Don't know that HelloGoodbye album? Exactly. This stuff was pretty inconsequential in 2004, and it sounds even flimsier now. The draw is something like "Nerds, Unite!" because all six members wear superhero T-shirts, and their debut EP is called Cool Is Just a Number. But even that rings false, because the real nerds who don't care about being cool are all into metal. Easily the third-best band on this four-band bill (3OH!3, Cobra Starship and Travis McCoy), and maybe even the fourth. Pray for B-sides, where there's at least a Weezer cover.

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