Ian Cooke's new song comes with some optional assembly

The most rock and roll cellist in Denver has released a new song titled "The Race." Ian Cooke, in conjunction with producer/manager/guitarist Ian O'Dougherty, also released all twelve parts of the song as separate tracks, and they're inviting you to "Play, Record, Manipulate, Mix, Remix" at your leisure. "We've been talking about doing something different with 'The Race' for a long time now," says O'Dougherty. "I thought it would work really well as a platform to release individual tracks and allow people to experience the song in their own way."

"The Race" is one of Cooke's older songs. He's been getting requests at shows for a recorded version, so he and O'Dougherty started looking at ways to offer the song to fans. "Over the years the song has morphed enough that we're not afraid of it changing even more -- so we just thought it would be fun to see what people would do," O'Dougherty explans. "We really want to get a variety of influences on this song. String quartet, jazz drummer, hiphop, everything. I did a pop mix of the song to get the ball rolling and we released it all into the air on Cooke's birthday."

This collaborative song isn't just for people looking to make digital manipulations. They're also encouraging people to record more individual tracks on whatever instrument they wish.

All remixes/new tracks/creations will be added to the song's bandcamp page. Details on formatting can be found there, and all submissions should be sent to raceremix@gmail.com.

Cooke is also working on a follow-up full-length to 2007's The Fall I Fell, due out sometime this year. He's also working on an instrumental release. "There are many, many songs in consideration for several releases. We're making those decisions as we record at my studio and at Bob Ferbrache's," says O'Dougherty. "There is a lot more but nothing is set in stone."

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