If this alleged photo of Tupac is A) authentic and B) current, dude's got some 'splaining to do, Lucy.

All right, so, yesterday, the always dependable, completely reliable, trustworthy sleuths over at TMZ posted a series of photos of some guy, who looks a helluva lot like Tupac, that were allegedly snapped in some bar in the Big Easy last weekend. Seems viable. I mean, everybody knows that a cat who presumably (if this picture's to be believed, anyway) faked his own demise, walks around in broad daylight in one of the most visible cities in the world, knowing full well that everyone and his cousin has a cell phone camera. Hey, it could happen. Even more entertaining than than entertaining that notion, however, is reading through the comments of folks as they consider/attempt to debunk the prospect that one of rap's greatest MCs (in our humble opinion, at least) is still among the living. 2Pacalypse now? Eh, not likely.

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