Illegal Pete's first listening party next week with Adai, Tin Horn Prayer, the Knew and Solar Bear

Alright, so remember a few weeks ago when we told you about Illegal Pete's Starving Artist program and how they're feeding touring musicians coming through Denver. The initial response was like, "Wow, that's pretty cool, but what about the musicians that live here?" -- a very reasonable question, if you ask us.

Fact is -- and this is just us talking -- if Illegal Pete's fed all of the local musicians, there probably wouldn't an Illegal Pete's to speak of. At last count there was at least a thousand bands, if not more. Just the same, Illegal Pete's is no less dedicated to the local scene.

Need proof? Stop by the LoDo (1530 16th Street) location next week, and you'll see that the restaurant is selling CDs and 7-inches, just like a certain Pacific Northwestern-based coffee purveyor -- only these platters are all local. To kick things off, Pete's is throwing the first of many listening parties on Wednesday, October 13 at its LoDo location featuring Adai, Dualistics, Tin Horn Prayer, the Knew and Solar Bear. Each of the bands will be hanging out all night as their new records are played.

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