Imagine Dragons at Fillmore, 3/23/13


Imagine Dragons' show at the Fillmore was all about the drums. Bass drums. Chemical drums. Kettledrums. And the drumming of fans stomping their feet. The beat of "Rocks" may have been one of the most fun songs because of the mad drums being played, though. When you hit a drum the size of a small home in the Fillmore, it's no joke - it literally shakes the chandeliers and that's what this crowd paid for. The show also took a turn to the odd when a crowd of half naked people bombarded the stage and started dancing to "Underdog."

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Imagine Dragons opened with lightning effects, synthesizers, and the song "Round and Round." The beat of this song inspired a communal sway and a sing-along session. Maybe this was just what the density of the crowd required, or maybe the crowd was being so intimate with each other (in some cases literally) because they were crazy excited about seeing their favorite band, or maybe it was because they had to stand in line for an hour, in the cold, before the show. Either way, people were happy to be there, shoulder-to-shoulder.

Dan Reynolds was all about the crowd involvement, sharing that Colorado was one of the first places that they had toured, exclaiming, "Colorado, it's been far too long!" Every single song included some kind of drum solo, and sweet Jesus, that was the largest drum ever; it took up half of the stage, and it's massive girth matched the energy, vocal and musical talent of these Dragons.

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When Imagine Dragons performed "Amsterdam, Tip-toe, Cha-Ching and Hear Me," the outfit dropped copious amounts of glow bracelets and gianormous glow balls into the happy, swaying crowd. At one point, Dan Reynolds gave a crowd-surfing etiquette lesson to all of us that seemed to hold a double meaning for all of those listening; Reynolds asked that we need to "hold them strong" if people surfed across us.

Earlier in the evening, Atlas Genius was the perfect Australian band to open up for Imagine Dragons, and since this was that act's first time in Denver, it was imperative for the band to make an impression -- and it totally did. Although, the group didn't have any super-special titanic drums to show off, the act's energy matched that of the crowd and the night, as it performed "Symptoms," "All These Girls," "If So," "Back Seat," "Trojans" and some songs from the new album. It didn't seem to matter that people didn't know all the songs; they still jumped, swayed and welcomed Atlas Genius with open arms.

This show wasn't all about the boys club though; opener Nico Vega killed it with Aja Volkman's sexy, barefoot, Joan Jett-esque cat moves at the beginning of the show The band's stage set-up was all chemical barrels (which she and her band used for drums), and Aja worked every part of the crowd and stage. No matter the song, she demanded that the crowd participate and feel the eminent intensity of the situation. Her screeches and animal like grunts commanded attention throughout the set, which included "Fury Oh Fury," "Coal Miners Song," "Lightning" and "Beast."


Personal Bias: I love women who are barefoot and in leather. Meow.

Random Detail: Crowd surfing for four hours proves that Denver music fans have wicked strong arms.

By The Way: Imagine Dragons are coming back to Red Rocks in May.

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