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Introducing Boutique Denver Record Label Collectible Records

Macon Terry, a long time supporter, player and overall stalwart of the Denver music community, is constantly thinking of ways to use his interests and experiences to help the Denver music scene. His newest endeavor, Collectible Records, aims, not only to give added exposure to some of Macon's talented musical friends, but also carries with it a charitable component as percentage of sales will go to a different charity or non-profit for each release.

The label, which was founded by Macon and his sister Jessica and has released full length albums from Spirits of the Red City and Clouds & Mountains, is a labor of love and a celebration of community for the brother and sister team.

"When Macon and I started the label, it was with the intention of creating and fostering a musical and artistic community," Jessica says. "With each release we try to incorporate multiple artistic inputs, create quality products that we and the musicians are proud of and propel the music into the world; hoping other people will love it as much as we do."

"As a label, we don't have a specific criteria for musicians or bands, but it helps when an ensemble is ready to be on the road to tour," Macon says. "We are looking to showcase the music of our friends in a way that will expand and cross-pollinate our creative communities. We want to work with our people who are doing what they can to make a positive difference in the world."

The label's next release, a compilation, will feature many of these hard-working, like minded, artists. It will contain unreleased tracks from notable Denver acts like Ark Life, Natalie Tate, Still Tide, Dog Days, Mike Clark and the Sugarsounds, Sawmill Joe, Kitty Crimes and more. A percentage of sales will go to help benefit Colorado Open Air and will be released at the end of March.

"The start of a compilation album is really exciting for us as it enables us to work with multiple groups we respect and have been aiming to collaborate with," says Jessica. "Being a smaller boutique label, it is important for us to grow organically and be very intentional in each endeavor, and this compilation project allows us to reach out to more bands and create an album that creates a community in itself, putting multiple groups together in an album that we think compliment each other. The hope is that we can create unique compilations that will allow for collaboration within musical and artistic communities, as well as introduce fans to new artist they may have not run across before."

For Macon, who still plays music with Clouds and Mountains, The River Arkansas, Shakey Graves, Gregory Alan Isakov, Poet's Row and Patrick Dethlefs, (to name a few) the label is something he wishes he could devote more time to despite his busy playing schedule.

"Honestly, I wish I had more time to dedicate to Collectible Records," he says. "I feel that if we keep our hearts moving forward with the musicians who affect us so deeply then the momentum is bound to pick up. It is truly a labor of love to be able to collaborate with my sister and with my friends in these ways."
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