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Introducing Poop Talk: the Podcast From Greater Than's Virgil Dickerson

Some people tend to gravitate toward dick and fart jokes. But Greater Than Collective's Virgil Dickerson has always had a passion for poop stories. The one he says he's told more than any other in his life was about how an employee at Suburban Home Records (which Dickerson founded) once produced a turd that, when it laid in the toilet bowl, was shaped like a number two. That story, told by the guy who did the deuce, is also on the first episode of Poop Talk, Dickerson’s new podcast dedicated to talking about shit, which launched in early February.

“Almost every time I tell that story somebody would say, 'Oh my god, I’ve got this story’,” Dickerson says.

So he began cataloging people's poop tales. Enter Poop Talk, which will debut new episodes twice a month on Tuesdays at 2:22 p.m. via its website or iTunes. Expect to hear all manner of, uh, shit talk, although Dickerson says he's trying to avoid tales along the lines of, “I got so drunk this weekend, and pooped my pants."

“I like there to be other factors going on,” Dickerson says.

Given his connection to the local and national music and comedy scenes through both Greater Than and Suburban Home, you can expect plenty of interesting guests. Still, he says he’s looking for stories from other folks as well: pretty much anybody who’s got an interesting poop story to share. 

Dickerson enlisted producer Ron Doyle, who has worked on the Denver Diatribe and the Narrators, to give Poop Talk a professional feel. “It’s almost like we’re talking about science or culture but we’re talking about poop,” Dickerson says. “I love that it sounds like a professional podcast even though it may not be the most professional topic.”

He also recruited A. Tom Collins do write a theme song for the podcast. Dickerson says that when the band came to his office to record the song, front man Aaron Collins told Dickerson about a night of debauchery where booze, drugs, guns and bullets were involved. For the rest of the story, well, it’s better to hear Collins tell it, on the second episode of Poop Talk.

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