Introducing the complex, beautiful Brim Liski

Update 11/11/09: The full Brim Liski EP was released yesterday on Latenight Weeknight Records and is now available for download on iTunes for $5.99.

We've just learned of a promising new group based here in Denver (with a connection to the Netherlands too, apparently). It's something of a local eclectic supergroup, comprising two members of other well-known and excellent acts that work in diverse styles. Mysterious, too -- they aren't revealing their identities to the public just yet (although if you're really into the Denver music scene, and squint hard at that picture, I bet you can figure it out). They're calling it electrogaze dreamhop, and I guess that's a workable description. It definitely has roots in the shoegaze/dream pop of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive and a complex, rhythmic drive. Dense, gauzy and gorgeous, it's a great sound that showcases some solid songs. It's already gotten noticed too -- XLR8R featured the debut track "Fight" on its website as a download/stream, and had some nice things to say about it. You can grab it there, or jump over to the group's own website at brimliski.com and listen to a stream of the whole EP. [posted 10.08.09]

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