Ivory Circle has a new single and accompanying music video.EXPAND
Ivory Circle has a new single and accompanying music video.
Ryan Frazee

Ivory Circle Premieres New Music Video

Denver indie band Ivory Circle has a music video for its new song “Slip Away."

Written and directed by producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Beeble and drummer Rob Spradling, the time-lapse music video shows the bandmembers alternately holding signs with song lyrics and playing instruments, while singer and lyricist Connie Hong stands front and center, singing.

With the use of time lapse and a watercolor effect, the video is a simple yet visually intriguing way to tell a story about someone letting a good relationship slip away.

“A lot of [the artistic style] is Rob, our drummer. He does all our videos,” says Hong. “As a band, we had conceptualized what we thought would be easy and cool visually. I think Rob and Chris had come up with the idea of doing a time lapse and the cards with the lyrics on them.”

“Slip Away” also signals a new chapter for the musicians, who finished their EP trilogy that started in 2014 with Equilateral, continued in 2015 with Isosceles and wrapped this past February with Scalene.

“This is our first song that we’ve released since our last EP, and even with our last EP, that was part of a trilogy series that we had been working on since the band was formed. With the release of this new song, I think we had wanted to somehow commemorate a departure from what we had been working on previously.”

Ivory Circle, with Nina & the Hold Tight, and Vatican Vamps, 9 p.m. Friday, December 15, Globe Hall, 4483 Logan Street.

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