Ivy's back with a new label and radio show

You may have noticed recently that Josh Ivy has been popping up behind the decks in the Mile High City with greater frequency. Good news: He's not visiting. He's back from his hiatus in North Carolina. We caught up with Ivy for a few minutes to talk about his break and find out what's new in his world.

Westword: Can you tell us about where you went and why?

Ivy: I just moved to North Carolina for a year, to Raleigh. My wife and I moved out there to stay with her parents for a while and kept up on a bunch of bills -- and just to get the hell out of Dodge for a little bit. It was really good for me. I've been here for so long, and it was just really nice to get a new perspective on life. The music scene there is just super-hurting, the electronic dance scene that I'm in, and it really made me appreciate this place a lot more. When you get stuck in a rut, it's kind of hard to see the good points of things. It was really awesome to move back and be back involved with everyone. The scene's really hopping right now, so it's a good time to be back.

So what are you up to these days?

One of my main things right now is a weekly radio show for a radio station in Tijuana. It's a radio station called Radioglobal.org, and a lot of the artists from that organization have been coming up to our Communikey festival every year. So I've gotten to be kind of close with them, and I had one of their artists play my event at Communikey last year, and they approached me and asked me to be the first American show on there.

What's the radio show like?

It's really representative of the musical style that I'm totally engrossed in in the moment. Some people call it nu disco -- I hate that term -- but it's a term that people use. It's a lot of house music that's on the slower side of things, a lot more relaxed and groovy. So I like to describe it as disco and slow house. It's called Black Feather Radio.

How does that relate to the downtempo you've been known for in the past?

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As far as downtempo music and stuff, I definitely come from that, and I've been doing the deejaying and everything for like fifteen years now, and a majority of that was really focusing on that style of music, which I still have a lot of love for -- but I kind of got burnt out on it. I've been wanting to do a lot of dance-oriented music, and in the last year I've kind of made that move.

A lot of this slow house/disco stuff is really similar, and a lot of it is really slow. Some people who don't listen to electronic music might not even hear much of a difference. Even though it's not called downtempo music, it's still similar. My record label, Black Bridge, was really focused on downtempo music; it was centered around that, and I actually stopped the label in the fall because I've decided to focus on different styles of music. I started a different label, it's called the Black Feather Files. The record label kind of spawns off the radio show.

Where can we come see you spin?

I really want to be doing something weekly right now; I just don't know where that's going to be, and I haven't had time to really pursue it. My gigs so far have just been random parties, gigs at the Fox and that kind of thing. I'm a part of the Communikey crew, and for the festival this year I'm the art director; it's a really big part of my focus at the moment. It's a really big, important part of my musical life.

Catch Ivy at Communikey's Wednesday Nightcap on April 13, at House Revival! on April 30 or at the Unity Gain Reunion Party on May 14.

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