Jay Ahern to launch Modular Cowboy, a new electronic-music imprint out of Boulder

Modular Cowboy, a Boulder-based electronic-music label, is getting set to launch later this month. Jay Ahern, who moved to Colorado from Berlin in 2010, is the man behind the new imprint. You may know Ahern from his aliases Cheap and Deep or Add Noise; he's also collaborated with To Rococo Rot's Stefan Schneider (as Hauntologists) and Robert Henke of Monolake (as Termulator X) while living in Germany and working at the famous Hard Wax record store.

The first Modular Cowboy releases, Cheap and Deep Rides Again, featuring remixes by Norman Nodge and Jonsson/Alter, and Mesa Sequences, a live recording of Ahern and Morgan Packard improvising at an outdoor party in New Mexico, will be available soon on twelve-inch vinyl and for digital download through Hard Wax. Mesa Sequencer, a companion app for iPad/iPhone, will be available in September on iTunes. For more information on the label, visit ModularCowboy.com.

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