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Reader: I've Never Heard of Some of Your "Best" Jazz Acts!

More than 200 people from the music industry form a nominating committee that helps select acts that make it onto the Westword Music Awards ballot, where readers have the chance to vote for the best acts in various genres, many of which will appear at the Westword Music Showcase on June 24. Through this process, every year we learn about exciting musicians who are new discoveries and also watch some of our favorites graduate into our Showcase Hall of Fame. While many readers salute this year's lineup, another thinks it misses the mark, and writes:
I like to be active in my local community, but as a local musician on the scene I have to say your jazz poll leave much to be desired. You listed several "top Denver jazz acts" that are groups I've never heard of, and I have been playing for over ten years out here. Y'all need a little help with your local music polling; talk to more musicians and clubs before having us vote on musicians that no has heard of. Joshua Trindidad couldn't get a gig at Dazzle or Nocturne, and no one in the jazz community even knows who he is, but he's listed as being representative of the Denver jazz scene?? Sorry for the rant, it's just a massive disconnect between what you published and what's going on in the local jazz scene.
For the record, Trinidad, whose band GoStar was nominated by the committee as one of the best Denver jazz acts, has played at Dazzle over the years in multiple groups, including the Joshua Trinidad Trio and GoStar.

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