Jessica Sonner lands song on Big Love

Once upon a time not all that long ago, Denver seemed like it was isolated from the rest of the world, with musicians making great music that, with a few notable exceptions, the rest of the world just wasn't privy to. (Granted, some of the more cynical among us still contend that's still the case.) These days, though, it almost seems like every other week that Denver artists are licensing thier songs for the big screen and the idiot box, from the countless tracks

Reed Foehl

has had placed, to all the acts that have had songs placed on MTV (the Trampolines, No Fair Fights, Saving Verona, Redline Defiance), to the ones placed on shows like

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Burn Notice (the Swayback)

, the

Ghost Whisperer

(Tim Hanauer) and

One Tree Hill


Born in the Flood


Dan Craig

, Christopher Jak, Tim Hanauer), to

the Knew, whose song "Salvazar" was recently picked up for the stellar AMC series, Breaking Bad

. Well, you can now add Jessica Sonner to the list. This Sunday night, if you tune into

Big Love

on HBO, you'll hear her song "Forget You." And Sonner's not the first songwriter from here to gain exposure on the series; last year, Angie Stevens had a track featured as well. Behold the soundtrack of our lives.

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