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Jim Dalton joins Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

Although we heard grumblings about this last week, we held off reporting anything until we received confirmation. (You know, journalistic due diligence and all that.) Well, we now have confirmation: Railbenders frontman Jim Dalton has been asked to join Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers to replace departing guitarist Steve Larson. Dalton makes it clear, though, in a statement posted after the jump, that the Railbenders will not cease to be an ongoing concern for him and his bandmates, bassist Tyson Murray, guitarist Tony Nascar and drummer Graham Haworth. Congrats, JD!

"I have some some news that will bring change for the Railbenders this year. My friend, Steve Larson, is leaving Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers for personal reasons.  I have been asked to step in and play guitar for the Peacemakers. After numerous hours of deliberation and discussion with my family and band, I have decided to accept this position.  I am honored that they would consider me for such a role. I have been a long time fan of RCPM and believe they are one of the best live bands around. Steve Larson is a phenomenal guitarist and I have a very difficult task ahead of me.

For the record, this is NOT the end of the Railbenders.  I have put my heart and soul into this band for 8 years. However, the number of shows will obviously be fewer. We will not be touring on our own due to RCPM's heavy touring schedule, but we will continue to play shows in the region...." 

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