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Joe Thunder and Dent Present

Dent is one of the best rappers in the state, and he proves it by periodically putting out great tunes and consistently finishing at the top of any battle he enters. To hold us over until he drops his official debut, the MC has blessed us with Blunt Sessions 101, a collaboration with DJ Joe Thunder that features a collection of strictly improvised rhymes over original beats. Dent's freestyle rhymes are better than many rappers' written verse; tracks such as "D-E-N-T" and "Times Keep Passing Me By" are classic examples. By the same token, Dent's written words carry more weight than his freestyle flow, and it would've been nice to hear him spit lines he'd taken the time to write over cuts like the Distrakt-produced title track or the Dow Jones-produced "Bang Yo Head," which are both hot to death. Besides the possibility of the banging Supernatural-fueled joint "Gotta Get Up" making Dent's album, there's nary a verse of what's to come, which is disappointing. But Blunt Sessions will more than suffice until the new one arrives.
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Quibian Salazar-Moreno