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Reader: "Rocky Mountain High" Is as Colorado as It Gets

Reader: "Rocky Mountain High" Is as Colorado as It Gets
In the early days of the stay-at-home order, we reminisced about some of our favorite things about Colorado, including "The Ten Best Songs About Colorado by Coloradans." It did not include a John Denver song — by design.

But when we offered a reprise of that list, readers definitely disagreed with the Denver-free decision.

Says Sargent: 
Did I miss something? John F*****g Denver! Rocky Mountain High! Are you kidding me, dear sir I usually look forward to everything you write, but since the coronavirus came, you have missed a couple things.
Adds Martin: 
I realize Westword has hated John Denver for 40 years, and was even somewhat gleeful when he died, but any list of songs about Colorado that doesn’t have "Rocky Mountain High" on it was written by a f*cking idiot.
Notes Mark:
 Not only did he live in Aspen, but he changed his name to Denver by choice, and this song is one of two official state songs. Like the song or not, this IS as Colorado as it gets.
Responds Jay: 
If Colorado stands for mediocre music, by all means, add John Denver to the list.
And then there's this from Joe: 
 Absolutely blew it. The ten best songs about Colorado by Coloradans are all by C.W. McCall.
What do you think of John Denver's music? What other songs do you think we missed? See our full list of the ten best Colorado songs here, and then leave a comment below or email your thoughts to [email protected]
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