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John Digweed

Fabric is a very orderly label. The London-based imprint specializes in mix discs helmed by the likes of Doc Martin and Eddie Richards, with each release's title consisting of the company's name and digits establishing its place in the catalogue. CD twenty is a benchmark in the firm's history, and thanks to Digweed, the rare superstar DJ whose skill matches his fame, it's a damn fine blend, too.

The fourteen tracks here represent a substantial sweep of styles, sometimes within the same tune. For instance, DJ Rasoul's "True Science" features electro burbles, metallic percussion and organic-sounding sax flourishes, and Angel Alanis's "Knob Job" juxtaposes robotic rhythms with a simulated talk box. Digweed knits these disparate elements together so effortlessly that the shifts of tempo and mood are figuratively invisible. By the end of this subtly funky journey, listeners will find themselves in a different place without the slightest idea of how they got there.

For dance aficionados and fans of Fabric, 20 is a lucky number.

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