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John Mayer Gets His Michael Vick on at Red Rocks

In addition to thinking he's the next Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer fancies himself a budding standup comic. Not everyone agrees; check out this nasty review of a 2006 routine, in which he reportedly boasted about how many women "unlocked their Masterlock" for him. Nevertheless, he's clearly trying to milk laughs out of two mock apologies that reference his recent appearances at Red Rocks.

The first, found on his website blog, features Mayer sort of addressing the arrest of 63 audience members at his show in Hershey, Pennsylvania -- something that actually happened according to an post (cursor down to find the item). Along the way, Mayer writes, "To those reading who believe that 63 arrests is on the high side, it actually doesn't even make this tour's top ten. Night two of Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado saw more than half that capacity crowd placed under arrest."

Mayer's I'm-sorry in the YouTube clip above, which was shot at Red Rocks, focuses on another alleged offense -- one that he says involves tragic injuries caused when a pitbull named Brutus broke out of an onstage dog fight to attack the crowd. Click above and marvel at Mayer's "masterful" faux-remorse, which makes the acting on Two and a Half Men seem like the work of the Royal Shakespeare Company by comparison.

Standup comic or overcooked ham? You be the judge. -- Michael Roberts

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