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Kajmir Royale

Kajmir Royale is not just an MC; he's also a producer. His street mixtape, Heir to the Throne, features damn near every MC you love out of the city, including Rockie, AP and Mr. Midas, to name a few. The project is a mix of anthemic rhythms, hard-body rhymes and songs for the ladies. "Right Girl, Wrong Time" is the strongest cut, and be sure to check for J. Carey on the Foodchain-assisted "Aye." "Fuck the City Up," meanwhile, is a perfect example of the primal metaphors Kajmir employs in his verses: The entire song is a euphemism for sex. (AP's brash yet controlled growling voice steals the show on that track.) Pries assists Kajmir with downbeat production and easy rhymes as they tell stories of love like 'hood griots. Proving that he's not new to this but rather true to this, Kajmir has stepped up his game here and comes out of the gate swinging. Rhyme slangin'.

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