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KBPI reveals finalists for its Best Band In Denver competition

Moments ago, KBPI announced the finalist for its annual Best Band in Denver competition. According to Matt Need, who just revealed the contenders on the air, 17,000 people weighed in, with the top nominee receiving more than 2,000 votes. The top fifteen contenders, which are slated to face off each week for the next five weeks at Eck's Saloon, include Born in Winter, Bridges Left Burning, Dead Sea Armada, Devil Got Five, Forth Yeer (formerly Forth Yeer Freshman), Nemesys, No 1 Left Standing, Ploy for Extinction, Sins of Babylon, Spare the Legion, the Bitter Forgiven, the Threatened, Thic, To the Last Bullet and Vanadium. As a twist, last year's winner, 20XIII, automatically advances to the semi-finals and will compete against the first five week's winners. The Best Band in Denver competition kicks off this Saturday night at Eck's, when Born in Winter is pitted against Forth Yeer and Spare the Legion.

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Dave Herrera
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