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KDJ Above, a resident in the club rocking scene, is joining the KS-1075 team in a move that has set Denver's hip-hop world ablaze. This past year, KDJ has been a regular at Gallery 22, as well as the prominent DJ causing a ruckus at Club Sutra's wild weekly Friday party; he's also done DJ stints for several performers, including Pries, and held down the ones and twos at the 5280 Urban Music Awards and a slew of other party-rocking endeavors. The Denver native is thrilled to join the team of KS-1075 because he believes it will help diversify the scene he represents.

"It feels sort of surreal," says KDJ. "When I think back on who I was ten or eleven years ago, I would have never believed someone if they said I'd be on the radio. When I got the call, I did a little victory dance with my son."

One of the loudest complaints from local artists is that they get no love from local radio. Will this change with the addition to KDJ Above to the station, what with his skills and finger on the pulse of a wide spectrum in the hip-hop scene? Maybe, he says.

"I think that if given the chance, more people will tune in to radio, which could help the format of local music," he says. "There's a lot that goes into radio that we don't always know about, but no matter what, the point is always good music."

KDJ Above will hold down the spot as one of the mixers in the evenings during Mercedes's 7 to midnight show with a little light toasting on the microphone. He's due to hit the airwaves sometime after the first of the year. In the meantime, half the city has issued its warmest congrats. Click through for local reaction.

Yoseph Aseefa (Fly Magazine): "On top of his obvious talent, I am a big fan of KDJ's approach to his craft. He lets his work do the talking."

Kevin Kane (Kevin Kane Ent.): "So KDJ Above is FINALLY on KS107.5... Did it take them long enough? One thing I can say about KDJ is that the best part about him is his ability to be 100 percent himself, non-conforming and always willing to please an audience on his terms! What's dope about it is while an audience thinks they want one thing, they realize that what KDJ is giving them is so much better! Musical nurturing without having to force-feed. I must say he is the best hip-hop DJ in this city and more than deserves this recognition!"

DJ Ktone: "I don't think KDJ joining 107.5 is a good look -- I think its a great look! For one, because it shows that 107.5 is paying attention to the DJs in our section and is starting to reach out. For two, KDJ was one of the hardest-working deejays in Denver the past year in a half and has proved he deserves a chance at the next level. And for three, he's my favorite DJ here, so it works out. LOL"

Rockie: "Not only is KDJ joining KS 1075 big for the city, it's big for him. Knowing KDJ and seeing him in action, you can tell he works hard to get where he needs to be. Don't count on this being his biggest achievement. The sky is not the limit for my bro KDJ."

Pries: "I had and have the pleasure of having KDJ ABOVE as my DJ while I'm on the road or concerts. He is one of the chillest guys to work with, very humble. It's good to see somebody finally getting a shot that they deserve from the city of Denver. Congrats, bro!"

Mr. Midas: "KDJ is a true representation of Denver music. Eclectic, original, and rebellious. He adds a true grit to the station, and I'm proud to say he's been one of my biggest supporters."

Sam Jones (CEO Royal House Entertainment): "It's a great thing because we have a lacking voice in the different music areas such as soul, R&B and local, and he covers it. Through diversity and talent, he is a voice and a DJ of the people at wide."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.