Keggs & Eggs is quickly becoming the Denver St. Patrick's day tradition for the early-rising, hard-drinking crowd

Have you ever heard a band cover "Ace of Spades" at 8 a.m.? If you were one of the few hundred or so people packed into Lodo's Bar and Grill at 19th and Market yesterday, you can proudly answer yes. If you remember it.

KTCL's annual St. Patrick's day party, Keggs & Eggs, went off again with more green beer and whiskey than coffee in folks' mugs. Reno Divorce was the opener -- going on just about 7:45 a.m. -- and the band who did that anthem of rock and roll by Motorhead. Also on the bill were Darling Thieves and makers of catchy pop -- and incredible music videos -- OK Go.

Photographer Aaron Thackeray was there bright and early and brought back these photos from the party: Kegs N Eggs at Lodo's, St. Patrick's Day 2011.

Below are a few highlights.

View the full Kegs N Eggs and Lodo's slideshow

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