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Keytar not ridiculous enough? Try the iTar!

Until now, if you wanted to look exceptionally silly playing an electronic instrument the keytar was your best bet. Not anymore. That's all changed with the introduction of the iTar, a "Guitar/DJ frame" for the iPad sporting doofus with everything but a sense of shame.

The iTar takes the keytar's awkward lines and "look at me, I'm a fucking nerd" aesthetic and amplifies them by roughly infinity. It doesn't help things that the guy pitching it has a haircut scientifically designed to make him look stupid, but let's face it -- even Jimi Hendrix would look like an utter tool with this thing sluing around his neck. Oh, and this custom-built mosnstrosity costs $200-$300, but I guess if you've already blown a couple grand on an iPad and a few other effects/synth boxes to strap to it, that's a pittance.

Admittedly, this thing could come in very handy if you're trying to tap into a sort of spiritual successor to the nerd jam at the end of Revenge of the Nerds, but apart from that it lacks even the keytar's ability be sported ironically as a nod to the '80s or by the occasional pixie-girl who can make it work. On the upside, looks sturdy enough (unlike its keytar forebear) that it could probably be used to bludgeon someone to death for making fun of you for wearing it -- just make sure and pull off your iPad and other toys first...

[Via SynthGear]

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