KUVO losing two longtime jazz DJs next month

KUVO/89.3 FM has faced its share of financial challenges over the past few years, which Michael Roberts pointed out in "Changes in the Air at KUVO." The station's CEO, Gene Craven, sent out an e-mail today stating that longtime jazz DJs Ed Danielson and Rodney Franks will lose their daytime host positions in early January as part of the station's effort to trim expenses. While the station's underwriting sales slowed down in August as a result of the economic crisis and have stabilized somewhat since then, Craven still predicts that 2009 will be well below what could be expected in a normal year. 

"In 2009 KUVO must also absorb some new operating expenses due to our planned construction of KVJZ-FM in Vail," Craven states, "an upgrade in service to our listeners in Summit County, and new costs associated with our main broadcast tower on Lookout Mountain. This combination of some unavoidable increases in expenses and a possible downturn in the station's revenue has required me to make some difficult decisions with the
station's budget for our 2009 fiscal year. For that reason I must reduce our personnel costs as well."

Susan Gatschet-Reese, Carlos Lando and Victor Cooper will take over the slots left by Danielson and Franks, who will continue to be substitute hosts on KUVO and will also be involved in new high-definition program stream broadcasts that the station hopes to launch on its website in early 2009.

Although the station has had to cut costs, KUVO finished its 2008 fiscal year with a positive cash flow, and Craven assures listeners that the station is in no danger of going off the air.
--Jon Solomon

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