Lady Gaga gets spoofed in the manner of The Office, goofiness ensues

Remember back in the good ol' days when the only person doing parody rock was Weird Al Yankovic, and it took years for these songs to hit the airwaves? We're pretty sure that no artist on the face of the planet has been parodied, spoofed and generally made fun of as quickly as Lady Gaga. We suppose it says something for her catchiness that these things get churned out so quickly.

Throughout this video, you'll catch a few hundred cuts at office labor, a few references to the TV show, The Office, and lots and lots of booty. Oh, and a weird and tiny little car. All in all, it's a pretty hefty and well-produced little ditty -- especially considering it's just a parody.

Of course, even with the over-the-topness of the spoof, it doesn't hold a candle to the original, which you'll remember featured a fight in a woman's prison, cigarette glasses, Beyoncé calling Lady Gaga a "bad girl," sandwich eating, mass murder -- oh, and it's NINE MINUTES LONG. We'll give them credit for trying, though.

As with all things with a reasonable amount of funding these days, it doesn't come without a catch. The spoof video was produced specifically for some company -- which has a mission we don't understand but which appears to be some type of Farmville in real life for people that work in cubicles. Whatever -- we're just here for the music, man.

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Thorin Klosowski
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