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Larimer Lounge Owner Scott Campbell's Latest Purchase: Globe Hall

The Globe Hall bar.
The Globe Hall bar. Jeff Davis JWD Imagery
Larimer Lounge owner Scott Campbell has acquired Globe Hall.

The Globeville venue, founded as a Croatian/Slovenian meeting lodge in 1903, has been owned and run since late 2015 by Jeff Cornelius.

Campbell and his Larimer Lounge production team have begun booking the venue. Their shows start February 1. His plan is to continue showcasing bluegrass, blues and alt-country acts while expanding offerings to include the diverse genres played in his other bars, the Larimer Lounge and Lost Lake Lounge.

click to enlarge Globe Hall's music-venue side. - JEFF DAVIS JWD IMAGERY
Globe Hall's music-venue side.
Jeff Davis JWD Imagery
Globe Hall's current head cook, Orlando Navarro, will stay in his position, as will Randall Frazier, who works on production at the club.

The acquisition of Globe Hall reflects Campbell's longtime attraction to clubs and venues with a raw vibe. In the ’90s, Campbell ran the 15th Street Tavern, in downtown Denver, when that part of town was gritty. There he booked bands like the White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age and Deathcab for Cutie in a club that held fewer than 150 people.

click to enlarge Globe Hall's bar side. - JEFF DAVIS JWD IMAGERY
Globe Hall's bar side.
Jeff Davis JWD Imagery
Then, in 2002, he took over what would become the Larimer Lounge, just as the neighborhood it's in started to gentrify. Globe Hall is similarly situated in a neighborhood on the cusp of a development boom.

Campbell likes the venue's aesthetic as is, though he does plan to upgrade the sound system.

Confirmed touring acts in the coming months include a two-night run with Split Lip Rayfield on March 10 and 11 and Brothers Comatose on April 29.
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