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Lee Burridge

Martial-arts master Bruce Lee believed in "using no way as the way, no limitation as the only limitation." Jeet Kune Do, the free-form fighting philosophy first conceived by Lee in 1967, was not a rigid list of stylistic rules, but rather a creative method of incorporating the most effective elements of every discipline into one's own personal repertoire. Another Lee, DJ Lee Burridge, quoted Bruce in the liner notes of his Global Underground collage, and apparently Burridge has more in common with the Dragon than just a name, because he incorporates multiple styles into his sets. Burridge spent his rugrat years at the mercy of his parents' pub jukebox. As soon as he was able to, though, he made it up to his eardrums with a steady diet of breakdance jams. Following a spell as a wedding jockey, some of Hong Kong's hottest clubs came calling to make him an offer he couldn't refuse. Burridge stayed in Hong Kong for six years, until Craig Richards and Sasha eventually convinced him to come back to Britain, where, with his Tyrant residency at Fabric, his reputation has been on the rise ever since.
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