Lee Burridge on his 365 Project, what he loves about Denver, casual sex and assless chaps

Charismatic, enigmatic and often hilarious, Lee Burridge built his reputation as one of dance music's most well liked DJs playing gigs all over the world and winning over nightclubbers everywhere he goes. In advance of his show tomorrow night at Beta, we caught up with the English-born jock and talked about his 365 Project, what he loves about Denver, casual sex, bank robbery and assless chaps.

Westword: Your 365 Project took you to New York, Ibiza, Florence, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Hong Kong and Denver a few years ago. Can you tell us a little about it?

Lee Burridge: The idea was fairly simple: Over the period of one year -- or 365 days -- try and persuade seven club owners in various parts of the world to make me a resident of their club for one to two months. Then, find a local producer and work on a track together, and also write about each place for DJ Magazine. It was a lot of fun. I wanted to live in some cities I loved and engineered this via 365!

How did you like the Mile High City?

I LOVE Denver. I always had such an affinity with what was going on there through music. I connected via a few labels and producers like Ty Tek, Little Mike, Casa del Soul, who we featured on our Tyrant mix CDs, and then to the great club nights that were -- and still are -- running. After visiting a few times and becoming friends with everyone, I knew at some point, I just had to come stay there for more than a weekend. I did, and it was amazing. Two great months of casual sex, music, sky diving and bank robbery. Good times.

You've been deejaying professionally since the late '80s. I'm sure it's been quite a trip. Any favorite stories?

Shhhhhh...that makes me sound old. The '80s. Never heard of them.

Where are you headed after the Winter Music Conference?

I'll be in the USA through until the end of April. I'm in the process of setting up Sunday daytime parties in LA and NYC -- initially -- this year, and also one or maybe even two new record labels, so I need to be here to work on these projects as well as touring.

Doing Burning Man again? I heard last year was really something.

I'll be there every year. I didn't think the first year I went could be topped but last year was really something else. Wow!

What do you have in store for your fans this Saturday night at Beta?

Assless chaps. And I've been practicing my high kicks.

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