Lexigram is Lexigone. Yerkish returns!

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Your eyes do not deceive you. If you've been seeing Yerkish popping up in your Facebook feed, rest easy: It's not some glitch in the space time continuum. Yerkish has indeed returned, and Lexigram has Lexigone the way of the dodo. According to our pal Tim Kaminski, the whole thing comes down to timing and a time-keeper, and the players who rechristened themselves last spring as Lexigram after an extensive campaign to come up with a new moniker have essentially come full circle.

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Just like the exodus of drummer Ryan Eschenbach and the addition of Alvin Ramos spurred the name change, so has a similar lineup shift -- only this time in reverse order -- resulted in the retiring of the Lexigram moniker and the rebirth of Yerkish.

"Alvin parted ways with Lexigram in June," Kaminski explains. "All in all, the split was amicable. He was willing to keep playing in Lexigram while exploring some new projects, but the rest of us weren't keen on a part-time drummer who was, admittedly, not really into us anymore. For fun, we asked Ryan if he was interested in 'just jamming' so that we didn't sit idly by while looking for a new drummer, but he surprised us all by echoing some of our own musings that Yerkish re-form. Our contract with Sprint had expired in May, so we were free to switch back if we wanted, and that's what we did."

Sprint, as you might recall, helped Yerkish coin a new handle, by graciously including the band in its All. Together. Now. ad campaign last year, generating some much welcomed national exposure for the act. With those commitments now fulfilled and the outfit's original drummer back in the fold, Yerkish has been brought screaming back to life -- well, "screaming" is perhaps a little generous.

"The band is definitely taking a back seat to our own lives this time around," Kaminski stresses. "Which is to say that we won't be practicing three or four times a week and playing shows every month or so... Ryan's still got family and career in his mind; I've got the same now that I'm engaged and have started up my own video production company; Brent's going back to school to either save the economy or take over the world; and Nate's got the worst work schedule for a band to try and work around. So we're taking it slowly, planning to write meticulously and put out a super-spiff-o EP within the year."

The band is making its return as Yerkish tomorrow night at Moe's, where it will share a bill with Powerman 5000, but that's all that's on tap for now, says Kaminski.

"We want to plan an appropriate comeback," he explains. "So we'll probably take a little time to put together some ridiculously grandiose plan, trim it back, then execute it at roughly 20 percent its original greatness due to our being a broke-ass local band. But that's what we've always done, so I guess 20 percent isn't all that bad when 100 percent includes cannons that burst forth dwarves brandishing sparklers -- just one of several real ideas we've always hoped to someday present to our audience."

Yerkish, with Powerman 5000 and Switchpin, 9 p.m. Wednesday, September 12, Moe's Original BBQ & Bowl, 3295 S. Broadway, $14-$18, 303-781-0414.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.