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Life In Color Tour featuring Borgore and more at Balch Fieldhouse, CU Boulder, 2/16/13

LIFE IN COLOR // BORGORE @ BALCH FIELDHOUSE | 2/16/13 Life in Color: Rebirth is new name for the former DayGlow touring party, and the name pretty much sums up just what this party is about. A mostly white-clad crowd piled into the Balch Fieldhouse to see what all the hoopla was about with this the "world's largest paint party." If they were curious to know what it feels like to be a canvas under the deliberate eye of Jackson Pollack, this was most certainly the place to be as hundreds of gallons of dayglow colored paint blasted the crowd from cannons and squirt guns on stage.

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Due to some travel complications, Seven Lions was unable to make the show, and this resulted in some of the opening sets being extended. Jimmy Burns's set, for example, got bumped to 9 p.m., which definitely wasn't a bad thing for the up-and-coming producer, as the line outside easily stretched out forty yards extending past the gates and onto the sidewalk of Folsom Field by then, and you could feel the tension and excitement building.

Signs posted outside the venue cautioned that due to the amount of paint exposure, they not be able to ride on public transportation after the show, and if this might be an issue, it warned, stand back. To the thousands of students and fans that were filling in the venue, however, this meant nothing. All were dressed in a white outfits and prepared to be splashed.

As soon as you walked in to the Balch Fieldhouse there was a paint-splattered wall set up "Boulder Creatives," a new CU student group, where you could get sprayed with paint and then photographed. There was also a merch booth where you could pick up and array of items -- glowing trinkets and little rave candy pieces to adorn your painted bodies with to paint bottles and T-shirts emblazoned with sayings like "Music Is My Drug" or "Go Hard In the Paint."

The soundtrack for the evening can probably best be described as bro-step -- or can it? That's what a lot of dubstep purists, if there is such a thing, would probably call it. Thing is, though, bro-step might be the dumbest word coined yet to describe a style of music. While it's origin is unknown, it's a safe bet that some disgruntled EDM-elitist most likely coined the word in response to seeing "bros" showing up at dubstep nights. Bros be damned, the music can be good. The beats are catchy, the drops are fun, and the scene, whether sanctimonious EDM-philes want to admit it or not, is fun.

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