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Listen to Donna Summer's "Denver Dream"

Here's an interesting tidbit about Donna Summer, who passed away today at the age of 63, vaguely related to our fair city: Did you know that she once sang a song called "Denver Dream"? The storyline for the lesser know cut from 1974, written by British songwriter Pete Belotte, centers on a conversation between two estranged sisters, the song's namesake, who, evidently, hails from Denver, and the song's protagonist, the younger sister she left behind. Who knew, right?

"You were just a young girl then," Summers sings on this obscure 7-inch import on Lark Records. "Well I know your story well/Your parents died and left you just a name and little else/You split from Colorado/You left without a word/I guess I should have hated you, but I loved you even more/Denver dream/So you're the one they called/Denver dream, Colorado girl."

There's very little background we could find about the tune, so we can't say for certain what inspired Belotte to pen it, or why he chose Denver, for that matter. Whatever the case, it's a hauntingly wistful little ditty. From what we could find out about the track, "Denver Dream" reportedly marked the singer's first release as Donna Summers, as well as being the first fruits of her creative partnership with Belotte and Georgio Moroder. Have a listen.

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