Listen to the 20th anniversary Nirvana tribute show from the hi-dive

If you couldn't make it out to the rather excellent Nirvana Nevermind tribute show last weekend, never fear, because music blog The Flat Response recorded the whole thing for your enjoyment. Jam packed with every song from the evening (and intros!), you'll be able to live vicariously through those were there.

The live recording features all six bands, Science Partner (including the off pairing with Courtney Did It), Il Cattivo, Night of Joy (full disclosure: Night of Joy's Bree Davies writes for Westword), Hearts in Space, Le Divorce and the Swayback.

The night featured a good mix of different styles and interpretations, so depending on whether you're more apt to like direct covers or left-field ones, you'll find plenty of both here. For its part, Hearts in Space and the Swayback retain the Nirvana sound more than most of the others, while Science Partner clearly took it as far in the direction of strange as it could, with its weirdly enjoyable jazzy lounge sound.

The highlight, even if you weren't there is probably The Swayback's rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," which also happened to include a ton of extras on stage, all caught on tape in the recording here. You can feel the energy emanating through this recording.

You'll get twenty-one songs, which, whether you were there or not are a blast to listen to if you know any of the bands doing the covers. It's always interesting to see how a band with an established sound takes on the idea of a cover, and all of these display some great craftsmanship as they worked the songs into their own.

You can stream individual tracks or download the whole set here, and be sure to peruse the rest of The Flat Response's extensive catalog of live recordings while you're at it.

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