Listen to Young Doe's "No Homies," featuring Young Doe, Jadakiss, j.Stalin and Taj Mahal

Young Doe dropped a big track this week with Jadakiss, Taj Mahal and J. Stalin. Landing a song with the most prominent member of the L.O.X. is big enough, but the high production value of the track, coupled with the fact that Doe is working with two other rising stars gives the Montbello MC's shine an even sharper glare.

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Diesel Therapy , a collab album Young Doe released in 2011 with J. Stalin, helped pave the way for this song, which centers around how MCs often spend a lot of time alone due to the cutthroat nature of the game. Doe's calm delivery complements the West Coast vibe of the song, with its chiming piano chords, supporting synths and snappy snare.

"I have been working with this promoter named P.U.S.H. in California for a while," Doe says. "He had heard my music a long time ago and always kept in touch with me. Then he saw my alignment with J. Stalin and he reached out, having a relationship with Taj Mahal. He said he needed me and Stalin on the joint, so we ran with it."

Young Doe has been on a crusade to create a regional buzz for his music over the past few years, securing collaborations with other out-of-state artists like Chalie Boy and Mistah F.A.B. Having a national distribution deal has helped with touring, which in turn has helped to strengthen some of his relationships.

This track and subsequent video mark another big step for Young Doe, who appeared in Trae the Truth's video "Screwed Up," featuring Future, this year, which also had an industry who's-who lineup, including Juicy J, Nas and T.I.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.