Listening party: Rockie's Barcode 2 mixtape

Turf boss DJ KTone and young star Rockie recently dropped Barcode 2, the much anticipated follow up to the first Barcode installment. A mixtape designed to show the versatility and growth in Rockies flow, Barcode 2 finds the young MC smashing the chosen beats into pieces.

The features from Mr. Midas, Pries, Fedarro and vocal rips from Trey Songz and Lil Bill on Barcode 2 enhance both Rockie's story telling ability and confidence. On the point of experience alone, Mr. Midas almost walks away with "Nasty," a collar popping, two-stepping track describing the two with euphemism as magnets for the opposite sex.

Chock full of Twitter references and the perfect tinge of posturing, the mixtape includes exceptional beats like the Kanye West produced "Hater." An incredible rock/rap fusion over B.o.B's "Airplanes," finds Rockie rapping in a tone of melancholy truth on the ills of the come-up.

An obvious throw to the doubters and the naysayers, "Hater" opens with Rockie spitting with a surprising ease and comfort, declaring, "if you think these virgins tight, try fitting in a room with my ego." There is no mistaking the challenge issued to find someone who can do it better. Elsewhere, the braggadocios MC spits over Gucci Manes' "Beat It Up," showcasing playful, sexually arrogant lyrics buoyed by the dripping vocals of Trey Songz. Perhaps the standout track on Barcode 2, as well as the most relevant, is "Killa" a song in which Rockie gives a thorough tongue-lashing to bloggers, local radio and all those in the state of hate.

A youthful reflection on music and fame, Barcode 2 almost sounds like a progressive Can I Live. His understanding of being a target, yet attached with the realization that none have the aim to knock him off the mark.

While the lyrics are solid, and the beats carefully crafted to brighten the MCs flexible rap style, Rockie is mostly showing off his easy points of expression. Barcode 2 is DJ Ktone and Rockie's fresh and progressive put your money where your mouth is manifesto.

BSBG & DJ KTone Present: Rockie - Barcode 2

  1. What If (intro)
  2. Watch This (with Pries)
  3. Champion
  4. Full-A-Money
  5. Lil Bill Talks
  6. WOP
  7. Nasty featuring Mr. Midas
  8. Signs
  9. Toast for the Lovers
  10. Big Deal
  11. Eat
  12. Upside Down
  13. Beat It Up featuring Trey Songs
  14. Call Me featuring Fedarro
  15. Airplanes freestyle
  16. Exquisite feature Lil Bill
  17. Hater freestyle
  18. Killa
  19. Nothin Like Y'all
  20. Lil Bill Talks
  21. For Them (outro)

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