Little Fyodor

The subtly disturbing "Death Sides Now," a Joni Mitchell cover, opens the latest full-length from Little Fyodor. Recalling the more demented side of Sun City Girls, Peace Is Boring is possibly this act's most actualized release to date. Before punk became codified, weirdos like the Residents, Ranaldo and the Loaf and Devo were lumped in with that movement. The unbound creative spirit of those acts informs this album of manic, deranged genius. The Stuart Hamblen cover, "Open Up Your Heart (and Let the Sunshine In)," made famous by the Flintstones and sung here by longtime collaborator Babushka, sounds absolutely un-ironic. With Fyodor in general, live or otherwise, the musicianship is solid, and these twisted pop songs will infuriate many but delight those who appreciate the unapologetically weird.

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