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Bummeroo, Denver's first online music festival, occurred on YouTube this weekend. You can read all about the idea here, but basically artists uploaded sets to a YouTube playlist and, as described on the Facebook page, "u can enjoy it from the comfort of yr bed as they are uploaded or whenever u wanna. Obviously it's FREE unless u didn't pay yr internet bill or u don't have any friends in which case u can't attend." Naturally, we were intrigued, and decided the only option was to "attend" for a few hours on Sunday and document our thoughts. Said thoughts are below.

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10:30: Apparently this went live at midnight. That's cool. However, I was asleep at midnight. I'm awake now, though. I have oatmeal and sweatpants, and my festival-buddy/dog Sherlock (ALWAYS use the buddy system at festivals) is asleep on my lap. Let Bummeroo 2014 commence!

10:50: I turn away from my breakfast to see the Moth Eggs video playing and see an old lady eating salad and talking about kale. I freak out, thinking that I had stumbled upon an Adult Swim informercial. The virtual festival equivalent of realizing you're at the wrong stage and need to back out through a crowd of 10,000 drunk people, I suppose. Moth Eggs eventually came back. Crisis averted.

11:12: I contemplate trying to make this like a real festival -- inviting some strangers into my living room, donning a Native American headdress, caking myself in mud and then taking random pills from said strangers and dancing around. But, no, it's Sunday. I got shit to do later and I'm not eighteen anymore. Growing up sucks, is what I'm getting at. So does appropriating parts of a culture that doesn't belong to you. Stop doing that.


: I decide to get stoned. It is Sunday, after all, and I have no plans to leave my couch for the next few hours. Weed and Thug Entrancer pair nicely, as it turns out.

11:30: Sherlock wakes up and demands entertainment. I try to explain that Bummeroo is the only entertainment he needs. He disagrees, and the festival is put on hold while he goes outside and smells stuff.

11:42: Overstimulation at festivals suck sometimes, but I have a short attention span and a mind that races, so videos are hard to concentrate on, I'm finding out. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Check. Facebook.

12:00: I need to hydrate, as you should remember to do at all festivals. What I really want is some coffee and water, but the only thing in my fridge is beer and Scotch. Side note: Why do I keep Scotch in the fridge? That doesn't need to be refrigerated, right? I grab a vanilla porter and sigh. It's like SXSW all over again.

12:17: I decide to take a shower and go find coffee -- two things that are incredibly expensive and inconvenient at Bonnaroo, by the way. I leave Bummeroo playing on my phone while I shower. There is a guy wearing a gas mask playing the blues on an acoustic guitar, and it's not even close to the weirdest thing I've ever listened to while showering.

12:40: I've gone through the playlist and realized that One Direction is not on this festival bill. I'm disappointed, but then I remember it's the Internet and switch over to the One Direction SNL performance on Hulu. It is magical.

12:57: Is the dude in the David Wrangler video drinking lean? People actually do that? I'm so intrigued and confused and concerned. There is also an ICP poster in the background. This festival just got real and terrifying.

1:20: As I'm watching all these rad people perform (guys, there are kids from Japan playing!), I'm starting to think my project, Ghost of Scooby-Doo, should have submitted a video.

1:42: A man named Wally Wallace is currently serenading me from his living room as I do dishes. If I was rich, I would pay someone to follow me around and sing me songs while I do mindless chores. Spotify Premium is nice, but Wally Wallace is better.

2:00: I was so ready to go into this thing with the argument that festivals are great because douchbaggery, hassles, sunburn and dehydration aside, you get to see some amazing things that will never happen again and share the experience with thousands of others. It's a collective cultural experience we rarely get in the age of watching Netflix alone in our beds. Like when I saw Vampire Weekend and Miike Snow do a techno cover of "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance." Or the time I saw Florence + the Machine at sunset and it was so beautiful I actually started crying. But I'm here, on my couch with Sherlock, watching some kids from Montana rip through a great cover of the White Stripes' "Fell in Love With a Girl" in their garage, and thousands of people may see it, or not, but I did. I've never seen that before. They uploaded the video for the sake of sharing their music with others, because a guy in Denver suggested it, and to them that seemed like fun. And that might be just as cool as the time I sat on a blanket, sipping whiskey and watching Conor Oberst and M.Ward play together.

Can't wait for Bummeroo 2015!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.