Local Japan benefits: Video gaming, taiko drumming and a hip-hop compilation

If you've been inclined to pitch in for the victims of the Japanese earthquake but haven't known how to do it, there are a few different options this week. One involves playing Rock Band on stage, one involves chip tunes, another involves Taiko drumming and still another is for fans of hip-hop. Click through to find out about each.

On Thursday, March 24, Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom will be host to the aptly titled Japan Earthquake Benefit Featuring Video Gaming. We're pretty sure the title is somehow restricted by the website's formula for scheduling, but you get the point.

Fans of Rock Band will be able to get the band back together for one last stint on the stage to play live on the Cervantes' stage, showing off their chops like a real rock band would. DJs aren't left out, as DJ Hero will also be running in the same capacity. More exciting, at least for the casual observer, is the chance that Dance Central, the Kinect-based dancing game, might also get a stage performance, which could potentially lead to some amazing moments of nerds dancing live on a stage.

All of the proceeds for the event will go straight to the Japanese Red Cross Society, including the funds from a silent auction. The event, sponsored in part by the gaming blog Kotaku along with Treehouse Brand Stores, Death of the Arcade and Colorado Cutthroat, will also feature free swag and prizes. DJ LiciousD will be on hand to spin tunes when the games aren't a-rocking.

If you're a video-game music fan but can't make it to Cervantes' on Thursday, you might be interested in True Chip Tune Till Death's promotion, which features a compilation of over ninety tracks from chip-tune masters around the world. You can donate as much as you like to get the compilation, with all of the proceeds going to the Red Cross via the First Giving Service.

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Denver Taiko will be teaming up with Marai Daiko, Taiko With Toni and others for Heartbeat for Japan this Saturday, March 26, at Colorado Heights University. Denver Taiko is a rather apt group to come to the aid of the victims, as ensemble is made up of Japanese-Americans honoring their cultural heritage by playing traditional Japanese drums. If you've never seen them, they truly are a sight to behold, and the drumming is some of the most amazing you'll see here in town. You're invited to donate whatever you can, with all proceeds going to the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

Finally, J-A-P-A-N: A Fake Four, Inc. Japan Relief Benefit EP is a compilation that features tracks from Colorado's own Sole, along with Myka9, Moka Only, Leif Kolt, Awol One and others. The comp contains brand-new material created specifically for this release. All of the profits will go straight to Relief International.

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