Local Musician Kitty Vincent Opens Revolver, a Hair Salon With Sonic Appeal

Last year when musician and hairstylist Kitty Vincent broke her foot in a car accident, she found herself confined to the house with idle hands. "I had six months in a cast to sit on the couch and sort of dream up all of these ideas, so I've had a lot of time to put this together in my head," says Vincent. The idea for her own hair salon -- one that blends the rock n' roll culture she's been a part of her whole life and the styling she's been doing for more than than a decade -- became a reality once she was mobile again. This coming weekend, Revolver: A Salon will come to fruition with an official grand opening celebration on East Colfax.

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When asked about why she chose to merge these two different worlds she's had a hand in, Vincent says a hair salon embodying her love and connection music was a no-brainer. "If I was going to make a salon, I was going to make a salon that felt like me; I was going to make a salon that I wanted to hang out in," she says.

Playing in bands for fifteen years and spending time working at Wax Trax gave her infinite connections to other like-minded music people and when it came time to make create her own space from the ground up, she tapped those friends for help.

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Vincent says her significant other, local DJ and promoter Michael Trundle, has put in hundreds of hours helping her create the salon from the ground up. Austin Pulford, guitar player for Vincent's last band Violent Summer was the architect for the space, his brother Broox Pulford, who played bass with Thee Dang Dangs, was the web designer, Chris Barron who played with Devotchka and Boba Fett & The Americans and works as a Google photographer did a three-hundred and sixty photographic walk-through of the salon and Tyler Jacobson of Mile High Soul Club helped paint and build furniture. Vincent also shares that since Revolver's soft opening a few weeks ago, the salon has gained clients who are part of Denver's music scene, too. She says the support has been crucial to these early, successful days. "I wanted to create a place that would be a home to me and a home to the people that I employ and a place that could put something positive into the community," says Vincent.

As for the salon's aesthetic, Vincent wanted to avoid the "punk rock" salon look, because it had already been done. Instead, Revolver's look is classic mod, a space defined by clean lines, bold shapes and bright colors. She says that it was important to make all potential clients feel welcome in the salon, regardless of their age. The name Revolver is of course a nod to the Beatles album, a theme that is carried throughout.

Revolver: A Salon will be celebrating its grand opening this Saturday, August 23 from 7p.m. to 11p.m. The salon is located at 1489 Steele Street on East Colfax in the Congress Park-City Park neighborhoods. All are welcome to come check out the salon and enjoy live DJ sets from Michael Trundle, The Swayback's Bill Murphy and Wax Trax's Dave Wilkinson. Beatles-themed snacks, cocktails and beer from Former Future Brewery will be on hand. There will also be giveaways of Kevin Murphy hair products as well a ticket to Riot Fest 2014. For more information, visit Revolver's website.

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