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Local Shakedown Volume 4 features forty local acts, including Ian Cooke, Hindershot and more

After gaining a reputation for taste and comprehension with their first three volumes, including a nod in our 2010 Best of Denver issue, the folks at Radio 1190 continue to document the Denver music scene with their fourth installment the Local Shakedown series, a two-disc set that covers a gamut of indie rock, folk, hip-hop and electronica. "We like to diversify what we play," says 1190 general manager Mikey Goldenberg. "And this compilation is a really fun opportunity to pick different sounds that you wouldn't hear on one CD."

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Assembled by Radio 1190 staffers Amy Moore-Shipley and Alex Seguin, Local Shakedown Volume 4 is an ideal road map for the Denver music scene, something that could be looked at in a decade's time as a document of our city in 2012.

"We're going to be putting these out more often," says Goldenberg. "as well as putting on more shows to bring attention to the artists and the Denver music scene."

Local Shakedown Volume 4 is available at Twist & Shout, Wax Trax and Atomic Records, as well as Boulder's Absolute VInyl and Albums on the Hill. Or it can be purchased as a digital download at

The details of the Local Shakedown Volume 4 release party, slated for Friday, November 30, at the Larimer Lounge, are still being worked out, but you can catch 1190's Pledge Drive Kickoff show, featuring ManCub, Achille Lauro, Colfax Speed Queen and Rubedo, on Thursday, November 1, at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. Tickets for the show, which begins at 7:30 p.m., are $10.



01. Dovekins - Sushi Western Part 1 02. Ian Cooke - Bones 03. Mésita - Out for Blood 04. Sauna - Wanting You 05. The Manxx - Messin' Around 06. Science Partner - Child Stars 07. Itchy-O - Dance of the Annunaki 08. ManCub - Quite Possible 09. Young Pharaohs - White Shadows 10. Hindershot - Dinosaur 11. Glass Hits - Exit Strategies 12. Night of Joy - Samhain T-Pain 13. FaceMan - TackleMeDown 14. Eye and the Arrow - Stutterbeat 15. Glowing House - Taming Lions 16. Two Tone Wolf Pack - Dead Man Hanging 17. Rubedo - Give My Heart A Break 18. The Knew - Awesome 19. Kissing Party - Racing Alone 20. Amazing Twin - Poster Elitch's


01. You Me & Apollo - Before I Die 02. The Dont's And Be Carefuls - Seventeen 03. StaG - Summerfoot 04. Samurai Buck - Riviera 05. The Foodchain - Back to the Basics 06. The ReMINDers - No Matter 07. Tjutjuna - Desert Song 08. The Blue Rider - THTD 09. In The Whale - Heels 10. The Dirty Few - Oh Yea! Oh No! 11. Girls Walk By - 57 Lashes 12. Achille Lauro - Hard Pressed 13. Safe Boating is No Accident - Her New Man 14. Fingers of the Sun - Send Yourself to Sleep 15. Patrick Dethlefs - Another Colorado Song 16. Mariposa - Oil Spills 17. Princess Music - White Wave 18. The Raven and the Writing Desk - Infancy 'Til Death 19. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake - Paperskin (ManyColoredBeast Mix) 20. Echo Beds - Total Guillotine

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