Localized: Todd Roeth lives for the silence and noise

When it comes to the Denver music scene, Todd Roeth is a regular household name. Along with business partner Sean Porter, Roeth started the reputable Dayjob Inc. web design and development outfit whose work can be found all over town from the Denver Botanic Gardens to the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase. But the real feather in the Porter/Roeth cap is the creation of every concert goer's wet dream, Gigbot, a friendly little robot that is the perfect love child between concert listings and social media.

Clearly a music fiend (his Gigbot profile lists him as having attended nearly 400 shows since August 2007), Roeth has also made a name for himself photographing some of today's most noteworthy musicians including Calexico, Mason Jennings and a slew of local artists. Not one to stand on the sidelines, Roeth currently has three portraits for sale to benefit Haitian relief efforts on the Prints for Haiti website.

Name: Todd Roeth

Age: 31

City/Neighborhood: Highlands/Jefferson Park

In a sentence, what's your job? Creative Director for Gigbot. (9-5 www.dayjobinc.com and 5-9 www.greenappleslingshot.com).

Your favorite place in Denver? I enjoy walking with my dog around Crown Hill Lake and Chatfield State Park. I am surrounded by music. Those places give me some valuable silence.

What things/creation/accomplishment are you most proud of? I started the Gigbot with my business partner, Sean Porter -- we operate both gigbot.com for music fans and gigbotpro.com for music venues and promoters. We've worked hard in a challenging market to make a sustainable business out of something we enjoy.

What was the last show (art, music, fashion, theatre, whatever) you saw? I see lots of live music. Shows I've been to and upcoming shows I am going to are all here.

You have to blow up all of Colorado but one neighborhood. Which do you save? All of Colorado? That is pretty mean. I'd keep Pine Colorado, and Sphinx Park just up the hill, so I could still hangout at the Bucksnort Saloon. Google that. On second thought, don't.

Is there one you would target? Not yet.

Coors or New Belgium? Coors in the summer, New Belgium in the winter.

Ski or snowboard? Both. I've skied since I was 4 or 5. I mostly snowboard now. It is too expensive to have too many hobbies.

LoDo (lower downtown) or SoBro (South Broadway)? SoBro.

If you weren't doing what you do, what would you be doing? Teaching graphic design and photography, and probably living among the hills and hollers of Appalachia.

What's the best meal you've ever had in Denver? I take most of my culinary and dining advice from my business partner Sean. One of the best places he has suggested to me was Root Down. I also enjoy the menu at the Buckhorn Exchange and Steve's Snappin' Dogs.

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