Logistixx of Drop Switch on his lyrics: "I wanna draw a picture in the listeners' mind..."

Quote/Unquote is our periodic feature in which we hunt down noteworthy lyrics, examine the best lines and then get the story behind the song. This week, we got some insight from Logistixx of the rap-fusion group Drop Switch to find out what he had in mind while he was crafting his music.

In most of Drop Switch's music, the actual lyrics of Logistixx and singer Emma Wallingford take a back seat to the instrumentation of the group and the musicality of Wallingford's voice, but not in this case of "War In My Heart." When we first listened to this passage, the sound of the music was literally overtaken by the buzzing hubbub of a fictional city in our mind. This effect is punctuated by Logistixx's stop-and-go flow which perfectly mimics the mood of time-lapsed traffic or, perhaps, recollecting a day spent watching the bustle of the city from above. Logistixx says that painting a picture was the intention here:

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Noah Hubbell