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Los Lobos

One of the funniest Los Lobos stories dates back to the mid-'70s, when the band had a regular gig at a Mexican restaurant in Pasadena called the Red Onion. The owner strongly recommended that the band get off the tiny, makeshift stage and partake in the demoralizing mariachi tradition of strolling from table to table. But instead of working the room as a perma-grinning unit, each bandmember strolled in a different direction; one of the Lobos actually left the eatery for the parking lot, faithfully strumming away out of earshot. In a rare, semi-acoustic tour, East L.A.'s beloved wolf pack returns to its roots, presenting folkloric arrangements of its best-loved classics along with traditionals from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico. From the early days of playing backyard barbecues for a case of beer to later shattering cultural and musical boundaries, the legendary five-piece has absorbed, distilled, mastered and reinvented countless Latin American styles, including classic boleros, huapangos, rancheras, guajiras and jarochos. Los Lobos also boasts two of the most soulful voices to ever draw breath, those of frontmen David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas. Indeed, the wolf has survived.
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John La Briola