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Shortly after forming in Denver during summer break in 1999, Lotus headed for northern Indiana, where the band's members -- twins Luke and Jesse Miller, guitarist Mike Rempel and drummer Steve Clemens -- were enrolled at Goshen College. Since then, they've made a point of returning to Colorado frequently, where their spacey, electro-soaked funk has proven a hit with former Phish heads and retired raver kids alike. Their travels have paid off: The act has gone from being a staple at Quixote's and Dulcinea's 100th Monkey to packing Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and the Fox Theatre. And this Saturday night, Lotus graduates to the Fillmore. Despite the fact that their van broke down somewhere in Ohio last week -- no doubt the result of logging 150 dates this past year -- the boys will be here "come hell or high water," asserts guitarist/keyboardist Luke. The Fillmore gig means that the Miller brothers -- who now reside in Philadelphia -- are one step closer to realizing their dream of returning to Red Rocks, where their Green Mountain High School commencement was held. Here's to coming full circle, boys.
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