Love Potion mixes two favorite DJs Friday

This Friday, April 3, Love Potion is bringing Garth (one of my favorite DJs of all time) and DJ Skunk (my hands-down favorite local DJ -- ever!) in for an all-nighter at Orange Cat Studios. I'm pretty much bouncing in anticipation here. I'm sure DJ Garth needs no introduction to most (check what I wrote about him in December 2007 if you do), but Skunk might. See, back in the day, before he retired, Skunk ran the best Monday house night ever at the Snake Pit. It was called Skunk Motel, and for years, it was the Monday-night destination for Denver house heads. Honestly, that Monday-nighter is unquestionably the single biggest influence on my taste in house music. I used to go there, party till 2 a.m., crash for a few hours and then crawl out, bleary-eyed, to my IT job at the crack of dawn. In fact, the irresistible pull of DJ Skunk probably contributed significantly to me being fired from said job -- he was that damn good. Like I said, I don't think I could be more stoked. You can get more info on the party at DJ Jasun Lovejoy's MySpace page.

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