LuLu Clair of Souls in Action on breaking into the scene and using music for social change

It's not easy throwing parties, promoting them, getting people out and then getting them to come back, but LuLu Clair takes it on headstrong. With a slew of shows already under her belt this year, Clair and her Souls in Action Entertainment crew have partnered with ThisSongIsSick to present this weekend's Skinny Dip with Lazerdisk Party Sex, Coyote Kisses, TheFatRat, Religion and Viceroy. We caught up with Clair, who says she wanted to be a music producer before she even knew what it meant, to get some insight into just what goes into throwing a show, and how she hopes this opportunity can turn into a charitable one.

Westword: How did you get involved with producing concerts?

LuLu Clair: I started managing small bands and promoting bands in Durango when I was in high school. I just kind of always knew this was what I wanted to do. Then, sometime later, I transferred to the music business program at the University of Colorado Denver. Then I moved down here, and now I've been on it full-time. It's really a dream come true, being involved in something like music, where everyone has some interest.

Where does your interest come for music in general?

When I was a little girl and everyone wanted to a ballernia, I wanted to be a music producer before I knew what it meant. Music has been the only constant in my life, and it's something I really have a lot of faith in. It's the universal language, and from art to skating and snowboarding, everyone has that passion for music somewhere in them.

Okay, so how do you choose shows to present?

[Nick Guarino] and I have tried to come up with a way to bring some new sounds and music. With TSIS, he has a direct connection to good music. In Denver, there are a ton of weekly shows, but with the Skinny Dip, we wanted to shy away from the regulars. That way we can keep tickets prices low and create a hype around a show that is just a good time with new music. With the summer, we want to bring that club/electro vibe back onto the rooftops of Denver. This first one is going to be a solid lineup.

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What is your ultimate goal with Souls in Action?

Promoting shows is a great way to get people involved with outside projects, and my goal is to be involved in a lot of social campaigns. I want it to be more of a movement. Like I said, music is the universal language, and no matter where you are in the world, people will always want to see live music. People are not buying music as much these days, and more are going to live shows. The ultimate goal is to have national tours to raise money for organizations. Another thing is getting the artists out there to make change, and we can do that.

So, what kind of activism are you most interested in?

We have done a few benefit shows in the past, and that's how I started. You really need to create a brand first before people will start putting money into you. We would like to be throwing events, even if its for the Occupy movement, and even if it's bringing food and clothing to them, or just helping out the homeless because we can. We should, because we can.

What does Souls in Action have planned for 2012?

In the spring we're going to be working a lot with ThisSongIsSick and just throwing more shows in and around Denver, getting the ball rolling on fundraising with organizations we have been talking to. For 2012, it's more of a movement. The biggest thing is not the money; it's the musicians and artists and giving them a chance to express themselves.

Souls In Action and ThisSongIsSick present the Skinny Dip, with Lazerdisk Party Sex, Coyote Kisses, TheFatRat, Religion, and Viceroy, 8 p.m. Friday, May 11, Summit Music Hall, 1902 Blake Street, $10-$15 (at the door), 303-443-2227.

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