ManeLine, UmConcious make URB's Next 1000 list

URB Magazine has covered the hip-hop and electronic music scene for close to twenty years. Each year they've devote an issue to the next 100 artists they believe are going to blow up in the coming year, aptly named URB's Next 100. But in 2007, they switched the game up and launched URB's Next 1000 and moved it online, basically turning it into a contest of sorts for up and coming artists to get some decent coverage in the magazine. So now, every week, twenty artists or groups are featured with a bio and a song, and music fans get to vote for the artists they dig the most. Those with the most votes get featured in the e-zine, get to submit a podcast to, and are considered for additional coverage in the print version of the magazine. For the next seven days, two Colorado hip-hop artists have been selected as part of the weekly twenty: ManeLine and UmConcious. Their songs "Ain't Real, Ain't Right" and "The Avenue" are featured along with a review of the song and the option to vote. Support Colorado hip-hop and vote for ManeLine and UmConcious.


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