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Mario Zoots's super wacky BL§§D ØU† video

We love a good riddle, which is how we're treating this new, totally bonkers video from local visual artist Mario Zoots. The video was made for the Brooklyn band (and incredibly SEO-unfriendly) BL§§D ØU†, and we've deemed it a riddle because we have no earthly idea what's going on here. Regardless, the mash-up of BL§§D ØU†'s music with clips from the Nightmare on Elm Street remake (well, the trailer anyway) is enjoyable.

We're sure that the video is far more frightening than the film actually is. Especially creepy is the way Zoots managed to turn the clichéd, totally idiotic trailer from the movie into something far more interesting by slowing it down and wobbling the visuals a bit. There's also plenty of the increasingly popular mirror technique at play here. We're not entirely sure why this has become such a popular way to produce creepy-as-hell visuals, but it certainly works.

There's probably a slew of copyright issues here, too, but this video makes us more interested in the movie than the trailer ever did. We really want to unravel the story, to figure out what that man is running from and why those creepy girls are so interested in looking at the camera. Now, if we could just figure out how to type BL§§D ØU† without copying and pasting it every time, we'd really be set.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.