Master Chief's outer-space German techno-pop extravaganza

You know Master Chief? Star of the Halo franchise, which is one of the biggest video game properties on Earth (or anywhere else)? Well, did you ever expect to see him take his helmet off, turn out to be a goofy-looking German dude and start singing? Neither did we, but here it is.

Joining the Chief, we've got a rogues' gallery of other sci-fi icons, from Yoda to the Borg to what appears to be an Elton John impersonator (who knew? though it explains so many things...).

In the clip, they're all drinking weird, bubbling/smoking drinks and bopping along to this incredibly cheesy techno pop travesty our hero Master Chief is singing. Occasionally we get some bad CGI footage of flying through space and space battles. It's all very ... well, it's German. Is any further explanation needed? Just click through and see for yourself...

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